The Importance of Creativity and Imagination

Supporting Creativity and Imagination in the Early Years. Written by Bernadette Duffy, Chapter 1: Creativity and Imagination.

At Twigs we value imaginative play highly. Why? Because as Chukovsky said, “the future belongs to those who do not rein in their imagination”.

Next time your child your child is using their imagination, make sure you get involved too. Not only will it prolong the play but help them to explore and understand their world.

Key Takeaways

  • Good News! Creativity has not been a priority in recent years in the education system, but it is making a come back!

  • Duffy acknowledges that we have become too focused on logical and systematic education. Through textbook learning we are simply repeating facts and not being able to see the world through our own eyes.

  • Ensuring children have creative and imaginative experiences will help to:

  • Develop the full range of human potential;

  • Improve our capacity for thought, action and communication . nurture our feelings and sensibilities;

  • Extend our physical and perceptual skills;

  • Explore values;

  • Understand our own and other cultures.

  • Covid 19 is an example that we are in a rapidly changing world. To help out children face rapid changes in years to come we need to foster children's imagination and creativity to help them deal with the unexpected.

  • If we don't play, and get creative and use our imaginations we will just copy old ideas!

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