An Intro to the Twigs Activities

At Twigs, our mission is to create an open-minded and environmentally responsible future. Based on research and our own experience, we are confident that this can be achieved through allowing children to play freely and imaginatively outdoors.

With this in mind, please know that our activities are here to help you and your child to get outdoors, but they definitely do not need to be too closely followed.

The “How To Play” section breaks down the steps required to play the activity. These activities are tried and tested by the children and staff at "Woods and Waves", an outdoor preschool in Vancouver, Canada. The content is based on our experiences of the activities over the years, but the way your child takes it can be completely different; and that is the beauty of it. You can never do the same activity twice!

The “Context” section is there to give you a little insight into what your child is getting from the activity and the huge benefits that outdoor play can have for your child. Play is nature’s building block, it is how young children best learn about the world around them and their part in it. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten in today’s world, so at Twigs we want everyone to get to know outdoor play a little better, and realize its importance in all our lives.

As you will see, some activities are more detailed than others, but please take the activity in any way you or your child sees fit. All we ask is that you open up your mind and put no limits on your imagination.