A teacher’s first steps outdoors

As North America returns to school we know all you wonderful teachers out there are excited to get back to your students. We hope that you are planning some outdoor time for the term ahead.

It can be a little daunting knowing exactly where to start when taking the classroom outdoors, but the Twigs app is here to help.

First of all, we recommend not overthinking it. There are endless benefits and learning opportunities outdoors but it doesn’t have to all happen in one go. A simple starting point can be to take a story or reading time outdoors. Studies (and our own experience) have shown that reading outdoors calms the child, the natural light benefits their eyesight and they are more focussed because of this.

Also, let nature and a child’s imagination and curiosity do some of the work. The real-world classroom requires no setup and is ever-changing. Resources and tools can certainly add to the adventure (and we recommend many on our app) but for now, we recommend letting the children have some free time and observing where they take things with all Mother Nature provides.

A little further down the line, focussed activities are great outdoors and Twigs has an array of these covering all curriculum topics.

Whatever your teaching philosophy we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Whatever first step you choose in taking your classrooms outdoors, we know that you will do great and even just having children moving is providing them with an array of health benefits as well as increasing their focus when they return indoors.