A Pitch For Risky Play, Part 1

At Twigs we are big supporters of risky play and would love to spread the good word about it. However, the word risk can have negative connotations and therefore a term such as “risky play” can easily conjure up images of free-range children running with scissors, climbing to the top of trees, running into one another at speed, pointing power drills at one-another, and generally doing as they please. So it's understandable that parents can be a little uncertain about what exactly risky play involves, and the HUGE list of HUGE benefits around it.

What if we were to rebrand risky play? We are outdoor play specialists here at Twigs, branding's not our specialty, but in keeping with the Twigs ethos, we're willing to give anything a go. So here's our attempt at selling Risk Play to the masses.

Firstly, let us address the name. Let's start by removing the word “risk” and think about more appealing alternatives:

  • Self-esteem Building Play

  • Learn About Your Body Play

  • Understand But Push Your Limits Play

  • Show Your Child That You Believe in Them Play

  • Spacial Awareness Play

  • Self Awareness Building Play

  • Motor Skill Development Play

  • This Will Greatly Help Your Child’s Physical Skills Play

  • It Actually Teaches Safety Play

Hmm, nothing too catchy yet. It certainly is hard to summarize all the amazing benefits of risky play into a snappy sentence, or to choose our favourite developmental area.

Perhaps, for now, we will move on to how risky play can actually be managed in a relatively safe way, as thinking of risk helping safety is an understandable hurdle. Please stay tuned for our next blog. Until then, we will see you outdoors.