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Creating an open-minded and environmentally responsible future.

Our Mission

Provide ideas and guidance to create connections between people and nature through outdoor imaginative play. 

Outdoor Play Everyday

Twigs is a simple, interactive mobile app for parents and caregivers to use as their go-to resource for activities, ideas and guidance to support outdoor play and nature-based activities.

At Twigs our childhood memories are full of muddy hands, climbing trees and creating imaginary worlds which entertained us day in and day out.  First hand we have seen the change in childhood play, more screen time, more structured learning and busy lives. We wanted to help. 

Based in Vancouver, Canada, our team has over 11 years experience in outdoor education and mobile app development.  Not only have we created activities that will enhance and prolong you and your children's outdoor time, but an app that will empower and inspire you to get outdoors. 


In Association with Woods and Waves

Woods and Waves is our sister outdoor school based in the beaches and forests of Vancouver, BC. Each day the children explore, play and learn in an ever-changing “outdoor classroom” with no time spent indoors.


All of our activities are tried and tested by the children of Woods and Waves.  

Woods and Waves is owned and run by Graham Fraser, one of the Twigs co-founders. Graham has over 10 years of experience working as an outdoor educator in both Scotland and Canada. 

Click here to learn more about Woods and Waves >

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