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To-Do Lists

What should I be working on now? The To-Do List is created (and emailed) automatically for each user, giving a focused, cross-project view to organize each day’s work. As each user updates his/her own to-do list, the project plans get updated automatically (so the project manager doesn’t need to do it).

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What is a To-Do List?

A To-Do List is a list of tasks that need to be completed, organized by date or priority. Great for the individual team member focused more on getting work done than managing the project; it answers the question: “What should I be working on right now?”. The most helpful to-do lists will show a user’s late items and upcoming items for a set amount of time in the future (i.e. the next seven days).

Why is a To-Do list important?

A To-Do List is vital to the efficiency of the project management process. For a team member, it is helpful because it focuses their tasks for what is on their plate right now. For a manager, a to-do list provides visibility into a team member’s work without disrupting their day.

Who uses a To-Do list?

Who doesn’t use a to-do list these days? Personal to-do list apps are everywhere in all sorts of layouts and formats. In a team environment however, a to-do list is critical to a team member’s daily work because it provides each team member direction on what tasks to do that day or what is coming up in the next few days.

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