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Workload Reports

Workzone adds up the planned hours of work across projects by person (or workgroup) by time period. Identify resources that are over/under-allocated, so you can balance the workload to the available resources. This is one of more than twenty reports in Workzone that can be further customized, saved to PDF or exported to Excel.

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What are Workload Reports?

Workload Reports identify over or under-utilized resources on your team. In the screenshot above, Amy has 65 hours allocated to her 40-hour work-week. She probably has too much on her plate. Alternatively, it could mean there’s a project timeline that has too many hours devoted to it.

Why are Workload Reports important?

Over and under-allocated resources reveal opportunities to delegate responsibilities for a manager. Missed deadlines and poor quality work are often the results of employees who are overburdened or confused about their roles in projects. Keeping everyone balanced will keep clients and workers happy!

Who uses Workload Reports?

Managers who need to keep an employee’s work balanced and projects moving forward use the Workload Reports to plan and forecast project deadlines.

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