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Secure File Sharing

Share files securely with the entire team, giving each person access to just the appropriate information. Send email alerts of updated files, comments or approvals. Drag and drop files right from your desktop into Workzone.

Keep every piece of your work all in one place.
What is Secure File Sharing?

Workzone gives you the ability to securely share documents with varying levels of access to clients, employees, and partners.

Why is Secure File Sharing important?

Teams need to be able to control what their users are seeing because clients do not need to see how the sausage is made!

Who uses Secure File Sharing?

Admins and managers who interact with multiple levels of clients and users find the file-sharing features within Workzone versatile and secure. By setting folder or document permissions so that each individual sees only the appropriate items, colleagues, clients, and vendors can now access files securely.

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